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Postcard Marketing Tips

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Marketing With Postcards

Try these 3 steps; they will massively increase the response from your mailings…


3 great marketing tips for proven mailing success

  1. Articulate what you do. Think about one or two of the key products or services that your company has to offer and start with those. Describe WHY yours are better than others available in the market place and how your customers get more for their money. Once you have their attention you can then excite them with everything else you can do for them. Don't hit your prospects with masses of information about your products and services all in one go… drip feed it! "Less is more!" A little and often is the key to success!

  2. Don't mail out thousands at a time, send 200/300 and get someone to call the prospects first to get the name of the person you need to do business with, and then target your postcard directly to that person. You can't do business with someone you don't know! 90% of all mailings fail because they are untargeted! The other 10% is shear luck because the person opening the mail happens to be the decision maker! Don't chance it… make the call! Find out the name of the person you need to send your postcard to. We can source suitable contacts for you and even personalise your cards - quotations are available upon request.

  3. Follow-up! It's essential if you want to increase the response and get business from your efforts. This is why you don't want to send out too many at a time, only mail as many as you can follow-up within 1 week. Longer than this and the opportunity will have been lost… it will almost certainly have gone cold! Telephone follow-up will allow you to monitor the results and re-sort your database into 3 new categories: New Customers, Interested, and Not Interested. (Don't give up on the "not interested" they may not be in the market for your products right now but could easily be later on. It's a well known fact that you need to revisit the "no's" 10, 12 or even 20 times before giving up.
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